2 must-do home projects experts recommend for fall

1. Keep out fall pests. Crickets, centipedes, cockroaches, ants, and other insects are intensifying their search for food, water, and a warm place to stay as the temperatures drop. Unless you want to volunteer your home as an insect sanctuary, follow the advice of the specialists at the University of Nebraska. They highly recommend that you control the leaf litter and dying vegetation around your home, inspect the walls for cracks and caulk around doors and windows to close off possible entryways for insects.

2. Upgrade attic insulation.  Could you pick out the most suitable type of attic insulation in a lineup? More importantly do you know what kind of attic insulation you now have in your home? Unfortunately the answers to both questions are most likely "no,", visit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star website for information on the recommended levels of insulation broken down by state and even county. Make your winter warmer without spending more money because of not enough insulation. (Another bit of advice: while you are checking out the insulation, look for evidence of pest invasions, rot, and obstructed air vents.)

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